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Broncos training camp: Day 13 news and notes

News and notes from the 13th Day of Denver Broncos training camp. And yes, there was some drama that unfolded today.

Ryan Edwards and Andrew Mason recap Day 13 of #BroncosCamp

Posted by KOA NewsRadio on Monday, August 5, 2019

The Denver Broncos have a game coming up quickly as they’ll take on the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, so there was plenty going on in Day 13 of Broncos camp at UCHealth Training Center on August 5, 2019.

The day started off upbeat, but it wasn’t long before some tempers flared. Head Coach Vic Fangio had to bring the entire team together halfway through for a solid reset to finish out the session.

Here are some of the main points from today’s practice.

Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton trade punches

You read that right. The Broncos starting wide receivers had just about enough of each other and traded blows halfway through Tuesday’s practice session.

It came to a head after a series that involved a couple of offensive penalties. After beating separated, Sutton was pulled away by Ronald Leary. Sanders, being the feisty guy he has always been, followed and soon there were water bottles being thrown as the two men argued.

Derek Wolfe intervened to calm Sanders down and Joe Flacco talked to both wide receivers in an effort to calm them both down. It all culminated with Fangio bring the entire team to midfield for a reset.

Fangio wasn’t pleased to hear about the event. He didn’t see it, but noted that it can’t happen.

“I don’t know all of the details of it,” Fangio said. “It kind of happened about 10 minutes before I even found out about it because I was on the other side of the field. Obviously, it’s not good. Can’t happen, shouldn’t happen, but you have to be able to react to these things and handle them the right way.”

After practice, both Sanders and Sutton refused to comment on the fight as they headed for the locker room. This situation will hopefully get worked out behind closed doors.

Offense continues to be up and down

Right before the aforementioned fight between Sanders and Sutton, the offense had committed back-to-back penalties. Fangio, again, wasn’t pleased.

“I actually called them together twice,” Fangio said of getting the team together. “The first time was in reaction to the poor first-team period highlighted by that fight and then the second time I was just telling them that we were going to go into crowd noise. They didn’t know we were doing that and I wanted to alert them to that.”

It wasn’t all bad. Joe Flacco and the offense had a good start to practice.

With the first preseason game coming up Thursday, we did learn that Flacco and many of the starters will be getting some playing time in that game. We shouldn’t expect much more than a series or two, but it’ll be the first chance we’ll have to see all of the new faces on the first team take the field in a game.

Kareem Jackson feasted with two pick sixes in practice

Speaking of new faces, Broncos new safety Kareem Jackson had a good day. He hauled in two interceptions that turned into pick sixes. The first was the best.

Jackson read Flacco and the play every step of the way, jumping the route in the flat to Theo Riddick and took it to the house for the touchdown.

Then, an hour later, a ball that should have been caught by Phillip Lindsay instead got tipped into the air. Jackson hauled that one in too for his second pick six.

“Yeah, I had the chance to make a couple of plays today, so for me that’s what is about,” Jackson said of his interceptions. “As a defense, [it’s about] guys being in the right place at the right time. I was fortunate enough to be at the right place today and to make a couple of plays, so I’ve got to continue to build on that.”

The defense is certainly an area where there appears to be few holes. It should be an exciting season for them.

News and notes

  • Wide receiver Jamarius Way was waived on Monday to make room for Deyon Sizer. Sizer is a 6-4, 280 pound rookie defensive lineman out of Colorado State-Pueblo. He signed the Broncos originally as an undrafted free agent and was waived on July 26th.

Injury report

  • Joseph Jones is dealing with a pectoral injury from last weeks’ game, but it looks like he might not need to go on IR.
  • Todd Davis continued his rehab from his calf injury early in training camp. He figures to be back before Week 1.
  • Aaron Wallace has been sidelined since Sunday with a hamstring injury. No word on its severity.
  • Jake Butt continues to try and come back from his third ACL tear. Fangio noted that he is getting closer to returning to practice.
  • Bug Howard has an ankle injury that has kept him sidelined
  • Josey Jewell reportedly tweaked his side a bit and Fangio noted that he should okay in a few days.

Tweets from camp


While disappointed, Fangio did let everyone know that he wasn’t too worried about the situation between Sanders and Sutton.

“I don’t think so. As you well know being an ex-receiver, there are a bunch of divas in there at times (laughing). Were you one of those? (asked to Brandon Stokley). Hopefully it’s just a rare episode. If it continues then I think it’s a problem.”

Bradley Chubb had some good thoughts on why things sometimes get heated on the practice field. He’s confident they’ll all come together and do the team right.

“It must not have been that distracting because I didn’t even know. But I heard about it later. [Do] you have a brother? Do all of you have brothers? You all have brothers. I have an older brother I use to bug the hell out of. He used to hit me, I use to hit him, we used to fight back and forth. It’s just what brothers do. We’ve been around each other for what 15, 20 days now? You probably get tired of seeing somebody’s face. It’s all that brotherhood. But at the end of the day, we still love each other. We’re still going to come together and do things for the [good] of the team.”

Shifting away from the wide receiver drama, Chubb was also asked about rookie third-round pick, Dre’Mont Jones. Sounds like a good start for the rook.

“I love Dre’Mont. He’s one of those guys that came in as a rookie and he gets it. I feel like a lot of guys—even me, I was a little lost. But I feel like he gets it right away. I feel like he was first-round talent that fell to the third round. So, we got lucky. But he’s been great out here in the preseason. He was doing his thing against the [Atlanta] Falcons. So, I hope he just continues to get better each and every day. I feel like as a unit, like I said—we’re all a team. So, if one guy is doing well, then we’re all going to be doing well. It’s all going to make everybody look good. We just have to keep him encouraged. And everybody else has to keep him encouraged, as well.”

Kareem Jackson became the old man of the group when he was signed with both Justin Simmons and Will Parks early on in their careers. Of Simmons, Jackson has liked what he’s seen from him so far in camp.

“Just the way he covers ground. Just being a guy on another team and seeing him from afar and just kind admiring his game to actually being here and seeing the way that he works on a day-to-day basis—seeing how much ground he covers, his ball skills and knowledge for the game is incredible. I’m definitely glad to be here with him and to play alongside him.”