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Dalton Risner says offensive line continuing to build cohesion day by day

The offensive line working as a cohesive unit goes a long way in helping this Denver offense be successful in 2019.

Benjamin Allbright and Ryan Edwards, with the new Broncos Country tonight on KOA radio, caught up with Dalton Risner after the Broncos practice today to talk about his thoughts on how the Hall of Fame game went and the things they’re working on in practice.

Risner spoke to how valuable even the few reps were they had out there with the starting left side of the line. “The coaches know how an offensive line works and how an offensive line needs to work together to be successful and the more reps that we can get as a starting five it can help us.”

While the full starting five weren’t able to all play in the game, Bolles, Risner, and McGovern all received 12 snaps a piece playing together on what will be the starting left side of the line.

“Offensive line is so technical it’s crazy. You wouldn’t believe how day to day whenever it’s just the grind how much you get familiar with a guy, Risner said. “Every day you just see how you continue to grow and grow with each other. I understand Connor more, I understand Garrett more.”

Aside from the quarterback position, the offensive line has been the position group that has experienced the most turnover over the last several years in Denver This year everyone will be at a different position than last year, except Garrett Bolles, so building cohesion this time of year is going to be huge for the line’s and the team’s success once the season starts.

The good news is they are in good hands with Mike Munchak working with those guys day in and day out, and hopefully we’ll see the fruits payoff on game days real soon.

Bonus listen: Check out the guys’ interview with DeMarcus Walker from practice today as well, and see why he says the Broncos offense is annoying to play against.