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Broncos vs Seahawks: Let’s see the offense build momentum and stay healthy

Thursday is the first time Joe Flacco and most of the staters will see game action. It’s the next step to the regular season.

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The Denver Broncos got the test run out of the way.

Now it’s time for the first preseason game. Don’t ask, it’s all very confusing. The Hall of Fame Game does take place in the preseason, but it’s not really considered a “preseason” game. It’s more just a glorified scrimmage that takes place in Canton, Ohio to get fans primed for the Hall of Fame inductions.

Thursday is the de facto “first” preseason game. Joe Flacco and (most of) the starters will see their first game action at the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday. As is the usual for these games, the starters may play a series and that’s it.

On the MHR Radio Podcast (ApplePodcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher), Adam Malnati and I previewed the game with what and who to watch for. As for the staff, here are our keys to the game.

Before we get to that, here’s some preseason history between the Broncos and Seattle. In the regular season, this is where you will see the offensive and defensive rankings/stats for both teams. I might carry over this brief history for the regular season as well.

  • Denver is 10-3 all-time vs the Seahawks in the preseason, and will face them for the first time in August since 2015. The Broncos are 6-1 at home; 3-2 in Seattle; 1-0 on a neutral site.
  • The first preseason game between the two teams was Aug. 21, 1976, in Denver. The Broncos won 52-7. The most recent game was Aug. 14, 2015, in Seattle, Denver won 22-20.
  • The Broncos are on a two-game winning streak, including that win in 2015 and 21-16 win in 2014 in Denver.

Now to the keys to Thursday’s game.

Build offensive momentum

As I said in the Flacco story and on the podcast, let’s see the offense put up a good drive. If we’re being greedy, end that drive with a touchdown. The point is to build that confidence for the regular-season opener vs the Oakland Raiders. The best way to get that is to take advantage of the first game reps of the season. — Ian St. Clair

Drew Lock get settled

Lock needs to use his higher rep count to get settled, get in rhythm, and show progress versus what he showed in the Hall of Fame Game. — Taylor Kothe

Avoid injuries

To steal a line from Adam, wrap the guys in bubblewrap. — Joe Mahoney


Since the starters won’t get much playing time, and the final score is meaningless, the key to the game is discipline. Limit mistakes on both sides of the ball. And bubblewrap. — Adam Malnati

Don’t let Paxton Lynch outperform Lock

Gotta keep the image at least a bit respectable for the front office. John Elway needs to slip Vic Fangio a note that reads something like, “1st down — blitz. 2nd down — blitz. 3rd down — blitz.” — Kevin Gillikin

Clarity in receiver battle

It’d be nice if more clarity starts to come through in the battle for the open spots in the receiving corps. Obviously, this is dependent on quarterbacks getting them the ball so they have opportunities, but they’ll probably also need to show up as a returner as well. — Just_JoRo

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What are your keys for the Broncos preseason game in Seattle?