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Preseason: Live updates from Broncos at Seahawks game

The Denver Broncos will take on the Seattle Seahawks in NFL preseason action at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington.

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame Game-Atlanta Falcons vs Denver Broncos Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos will have their second preseason game, but really it is the beginning of the real NFL preseason. The Seattle Seahawks will be playing in their first game and have decided to keep Russell Wilson on ice for now, but the Broncos will play most of their starters at least a series or two in this game.

One of the bigger storylines that really has no meaning at all to anything is that former-Broncos first round pick Paxton Lynch will be playing a lot on this game and most fans hope to see him cry on the sidelines. That said, the real storyline is how well Drew Lock improves from a rather disappointing first outing in the Hall of Fame Game.

Head Coach Vic Fangio said he hopes to see Lock operate the offense better this week and continue to grow as an NFL quarterback. The way Lock is being brought along just feels a lot different than when Lynch first arrived in Denver in 2016. There is more patience and less reactionary drama going from the media.

Whether or not Lock works out long-term in the NFL is unknown, but he is at least seemingly getting a fair shake at it. This might be due more to Joe Flacco being the starting quarterback instead of Trevor Siemian.

Broncos vs. Seahawks live updates