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Broncos have signed 10 players to their practice squad (UPDATED)

The Broncos practice squad is now full..


The Denver Broncos announced that they have signed a total of seven players to their 10-man practice squad leaving three open spots. Those spots will likely be filled tomorrow by a few players waived off the Broncos 53-man roster during today’s transactions.

Running back Khalfani Muhammad was initially reported as a practice squad addition, but he was left off this announcement by the Broncos.

It’s possible he is getting some interest elsewhere and hasn’t decided where he will sign yet or they’re waiting for tomorrow to officially announce him for some reason.

Either way, I expect a running back to be added to the practice squad sometime tomorrow.

Here are the seven players signed to the Broncos 10-man practice squad:

  • Rookie quarterback Brett Rypien
  • Outside linebacker Ahmad Gooden
  • Defensive lineman Deyon Sizer
  • Defensive back Alijah Holder
  • Offensive tackle Quinn Bailey
  • Wide receiver Fred Brown
  • Offensive lineman Tyler Jones
  • Running back Khalfani Muhammad
  • Linebacker Josh Watson
  • Offensive tackle Jake Rodgers


Broncos have officially signed running back Khalfani Muhammad to their practice squad.

That puts a total of eight players on the Broncos practice squad.


After waiving linebacker Josh Watson and tackle Jake Rodgers yesterday, both players were signed to the Broncos 10-man practice squad after clearing waivers.

The Broncos practice squad is now full at 10 players.