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Courtland Sutton was the Broncos bright spot

In the loss to the Raiders, Sutton showed he can be a WR1

While the Denver Broncos offense stalled against the Oakland Raiders, one player seemed to show he is ready to take the next step. George Chahrouri from Pro Football Focus joined Broncos Country Tonight to discuss Courtland Sutton as a top tier WR. As Ryan Edwards mentioned at the top, Sutton ended the game with seven catches for 120 yards.

The discussion around Sutton is about his ability to take over as the top WR on the Broncos roster. Emmanuel Sanders is still considered the Broncos number one, as Benjamin Albright mentioned. Still, Sutton had zero drops, and looked like a huge potential weapon for the Broncos downfield.

After a difficult start to the regular season, finding a positive isn’t always easy. The Broncos offense looked anemic for most of the game. Courtland Sutton was far from anemic. He was the spark, and could be the catalyst to getting the Broncos offense right moving forward.