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FanPulse: How confident are you in the Broncos after Week 1?

It was an ugly loss, but was it just one game on the road? If the Denver Broncos beat the Chicago Bears do we start thinking things are turning a corner?

FanPulse hit us with this survey last Monday morning, so predictably, we were all fairly okay with things at that point. You know, before the Denver Broncos got their ass whooped by the hated Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football.

On Tuesday, I ran another poll to see if things had changed much from the 63% support the Broncos had before the game and surprisingly, there wasn’t as much kneejerking as I expected. Perhaps most of the fan base has accepted this franchises 2019 fate.


Is the sky falling?

This poll is closed

  • 19%
    Absolutely. Seasons’ over, book it.
    (487 votes)
  • 45%
    No, but it’s threatening.
    (1165 votes)
  • 35%
    It’s one game. Everyone needs to chill.
    (903 votes)
2555 votes total Vote Now

Ever the optimist I am, I have not accepted this franchises fate. I think the overreaction around the country to the Broncos performance in Week 1 has overshadowed how poorly the Chicago Bears offense played at home too. Denver might come out with a wee bit more intensity after what happened in Oakland and surprise some people.

In this week’s Something Something Broncos podcast, I told Laurie and Jess emphatically that I think they’ll beat the Bears this weekend, but that might just be me.

Most disappointing team in Week 1?

FanPulse also asked who was the most disappointing team in Week 1 and the Cleveland Browns overwhelmingly won that mark, but I’d say the Broncos performance was up there. They just didn’t do the survey on Tuesday... fortunately.