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Bears at Broncos: Second quarter recap

The Denver Broncos are single handled being ruined by Garett ‘Holds’ Bolles as the Chicago Bears enter halftime up 6-3 over the home team.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears continued their second drive of the game into the second quarter with a screen pass to David Montgomery who squeezed out seven yards to setup a third and three.

Von Miller read the next hand-off perfectly to tackle Montgomery short of the first down marker to bring out Eddy Pineiro for the 40-yard field goal attempt that went through the uprights.

Broncos 3, Bears 3.

Denver Drive #3: For the Denver Broncos, it was Royce Freeman who opened things up on the next drive with a nice inside run for 13-yards. Joe Flacco hit Emmanuel Sanders outside on a quick four yards.

After changing the play at the line, Flacco was sacked by Khalil Mack on a play-action with Noah Fant trying to block him. Elijah Wilkinson was probably supposed to help, but chose to double team a lineman inside instead of helping with Mack.

Flacco was almost sacked on the next play, but flicked it to Phillip Lindsay who ran it for 19 yards and a first down to get the Broncos across midfield.

Two plays later, Flacco was crushed as he threw it for his first incompletion of the day to bring the punt unit out for Denver. He was 10/11 for 65 yards at this point in the game.

Chicago Drive #3: From their own 10-yard line after a nice punt from Colby Wadman, the Bears kept things on the ground with a four yard run by David Montgomery, then a nifty run by Tarik Cohen for another nine yards.

A quick pass to Allen Robinson II gained six, then a screen to Cohen led to a huge gain after Josey Jewell missed a tackle in the backfield.

From there, Trubisky found his rhythm and quickly led the Bears across midfield as they put together what looked like it could become a 90-yard touchdown drive. However, just inside the 35 the Bears were stopped short and needed to bring out the field goal unit.

Bears 6, Broncos 3.

Denver Drive #4: With 5 minutes left in the half, the Broncos needed a drive to end the half to keep the momentum alive for their side.

Flacco was flushed out of the pocket on the first play, but strong armed a ball across his body to Emmanuel Sanders who turned it up field for an eight yard gain. Phillip Lindsay then took a hand off outside for a monster 19-yard gain to the Bears 47-yard line, but a holding call on Garett Bolles negated the play.

On the replay of the down, Flacco hit Freeman on a quick pass for a first down.

Then on the next play, Flacco went deep to Courtland Sutton who fell down due to a pass interference call on Chicago. Freeman then powered through to midfield on the next play to bring up a second down and six. Sanders took another reception outside for a quick first down at the Bears 44-yard line.

Since the Broncos were driving, Bolles had to make sure to take away all momentum with yet another holding penalty.

That all but sealed the chances the Broncos had to get some points before halftime. Thank you, Garett Bolles! You da man!

Chicago Drive #4: The Bears took over at their own 15 yard with less than two minutes to go and only one timeout. After a short screen pass and an inside run from Cohen, Trubisky went deep to Montgomery with Josey Jewell in coverage that fell incomplete. That’s a quick three and out, which could have given Denver a chance to score before halftime.

Denver Drive #5: Whatever chance the Broncos had ended with a third holding call on Garett Holds. They would punt, because Bolles is a first round bust.

Chicago Drive #5: They downed it to head into halftime with the lead.