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Are the Broncos trending up or down?

Even if the record isn’t where we want it, at 0-2, are you hopeful for this team to turn things around?

Sitting currently at 0-2, league history since 1990 says that Denver has a 12.6% chance to make it to the playoffs. If Denver drops their next game in Green Bay, the odds move down to 2.8%. Of the 173 teams who have started a season 0-3 since 1980, only five have made the playoffs. The last team do it was the 1998 Bills.

So this upcoming game is rather important. Despite the two losses, however, Brandon Kritsztal of KOA News Radio is hopeful for the future of the team and believes they are trending up. He joined Benjamin Allbright and Ryan Edwards on air tonight and shared how he thinks that Denver could go on the road and make a statement in Green Bay on Sunday, and with a limping Jacksonville team next on the schedule, the team could fight their way back to 2-2 to finish out the first quarter of the season.

He caveated that it is a big “if” but Benjamin Allbright also expressed some optimism pointing out that Denver is essentially three plays away from being 2-0 instead of 0-2. One could make the argument that it’s even just two plays away, if the 4th and 15 debacle hadn’t happened against the Bears, and DaeSean Hamilton hadn’t dropped a touchdown.

I’m personally encouraged by the growth we saw in the defense, especially on Sunday, compared with their Monday debut. I broke down some of the adjustments the team made during the game on Monday, and some of that carried over into Sunday’s game as well. Denver greatly improved on 3rd down, and aside from two busted runs, held the running game to 3.4 YPC.

What do you think, Broncos Country?


Which direction do you believe the Broncos are trending?

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