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Could the Broncos sneak a win at Green Bay?

Bob Holtzman joined Broncos Country Tonight, and he thinks Denver has a chance at a win against the Packers.

When Bob Holtzman of Broncos Connected joined Ryan Edward and Benjamin Albright on Broncos Country Tonight on KOA, the discussion turned to how the Broncos could sneak away with a win at Lambeau Field.

The conversation turned to numbers, and they seem to indicate that Denver’s offense will have some opportunities against the Packers. Vic Fangio has faced off against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers 11 times, and is 6-5.

Rodgers and Matt LaFleur seem to still be getting on the same page. The Broncos offensive numbers were better against the Bears than the Packers numbers were. If Vic Fangio’s defense can bottle up Rodgers, contain Davante Adames, and keep Aaron Jones from running wild, there could be a chance at a win.

The offense will need to finish drives, but maybe after an 0-2 start Denver will be able to right the ship in an unexpected way in Week 3.