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Justin Simmons feels they’re “up to the task” of taking on Aaron Rodgers this week.

The Broncos safety acknowledges it’s a “tall task ahead”, but believes this defense hasn’t played near it’s best football, yet.

Broncos safety Justin Simmons caught up with Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright of Broncos Country Tonight on KOA News Radio and covered the loss to the Bears but also looked ahead to this weekend’s matchup against Green Bay.

Simmons said taking on Aaron Rodgers and company is definitely “a tall task”, but felt that Denver’s defense was up to it.

“I’m sure no one is giving us the light of day, to go into Lambeau and beat a really good Packers team, so we gotta make sure we’re the best defense on the field and we gotta make sure we’re getting turnovers and big momentum plays to keep our offense in rhythm and moving the football. Us as a defense, we know this game is going to come down to us packing our defense and making sure we’re doing what we need to do, and doing more than that.”

He also expressed optimism in where the defense can grow and get to as a unit. Simmons said the last two weeks “haven’t been close to what our best football is.” He emphasized the importance of the defense getting turnovers and sacks which are momentum changing plays.

Check out the full interview with Justin Simmons above.

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