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Peyton Manning promoting safe helmets, NFL history and Tuesday laundry nights

Although I’d love to see my favorite former Broncos quarterback on our sidelines each week, The Sheriff has been busy entertaining and educating about football.

San Francisco 49ers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

**EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has nothing to do with the current Broncos’ team or its new head coach Vic Fangio.

It’s not going to talk about this weekend’s matchup with the Green Bay Packers as a “must-win” game (because, really, aren’t they all?) It’s not going to bemoan Von Miller and Bradley Chubb not yet having a sack, and it’s not going to dissect the boneheaded decision to put one second back on the clock in the Bears game.

What it IS going to do is give you some fun Peyton Manning videos to watch on a Saturday...and who doesn’t love that?

Since retiring from football in 2016, former Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning has stayed busy - and it hasn’t all been commercials.

If you haven’t caught “Peyton’s Places” on ESPN+ you are missing not only classic Manning quips, but also some cool NFL history. To the NFL’s credit, it knew that celebrating its 100th anniversary with early football history was going to have to have some interesting starpower. So Manning was, of course, the only choice.

But this season, Manning has also joined with Riddell™ to promote its fifth season of the “Smarter Football” campaign, equipping high school football teams with the latest in head protection and smart helmet technologies.

Riddell, a Chicago-based company, outfitted the Peoria (Ill.) High School Lions as its “Team of the Future” this season. Peoria High has been featured in social media posts and outfitted with new helmets, shoulder pads, girdles, practice equipment, football pants for the freshmen team, footballs and much more.

“It’s a game changer for us,” head coach Tim Thornton said. “It puts us on a different level for how we’re able to accommodate the kids and it rewards them for being the resilient kids that they are and playing with a lot of disadvantages. This finally gives them an advantage they can get excited about.”

Manning recently joined the Lions on the field where he coached players for a day during training camp to get them ready for the season.

“I’m proud to help ensure these 10 teams’ commitment to player safety is taken to the next level with industry-leading protective equipment from Riddell,” said Manning, Riddell’s brand ambassador and strategic advisor. “It’s remarkable to learn about the difference these teams have on developing young athletes and collectively improving the sport. These organizations are truly the future of football and set a great example for others to follow.”

In addition to promoting safe helmets and trying to improve the historical knowledge of NFL’s fan base, Manning has also been desperately trying to make Tuesdays the official day for laundry.

Becoming an “ambassador” of sorts for Tide™ the former football star would like to declare NFL as “100 percent Not For Laundry,” thereby ensuring that Sundays and Mondays are laundry-free. But he got a little blowback from Kenan Thompson who wants to ensure his weekday shows are free from laundry night too.

No doubt you’ve seen the commercials already, but the better videos include the extra footage of Manning sharing which teammate was “the dirtiest” as well as which play during his 18-year NFL career did not get enough attention.

You’re welcome for this short Saturday break from real football drama and debate.


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