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Broncos-Packers score predictions: Denver faces long odds to beat Green Bay

The Denver Broncos are not expected to come anywhere close to beating the Green Bay Packers on the road, but I’d argue that makes them a dangerous opponent.

The Denver Broncos (0-2) head to Lambeau to face the Green Bay Packers (2-0) desperate for a their first win of the season. After getting robbed of victory last week, Broncos Country has been feeling a bit downtrodden despite the overall feeling that talent and coaching is much improved this year.

Very few of us on staff are feeling confident this week too, with a collective score giving the Packers a 24-17 victory over the Broncos. Individually, however, the difference of opinion couldn’t be more stark.

Here’s how each of us see things going down this weekend.

Broncos-Packers score predictions

Broncos 23, Packers 21

My opinion of this game hasn’t changed since Thursday when I wrote the NFL picks post for this week. The key for Denver in this game will be a successful rushing attack and by successful I mean close to 200 yards on the ground a success in the run game. Keep Aaron Rodgers off the field and come out with a strong road win. I think they can do it too and I said as much at the end of our Something Something Broncos podcast on Friday. - Tim Lynch

Packers 31, Broncos 14

This one probably won’t be close. I’ve had the Packers as a legitimate Super Bowl contender since last year’s draft and they’ve done little to move me off that prediction. If Denver can’t play keep away effectively with the rushing attack and short passing game, Rodgers is going to shred them.

Last week Green Bay’s scripted plays to open the game made them look unbeatable. The game got tight in part because they got really conservative, but it’s always a bit scary when you’re hoping the opposing coach pulls a LaFleur to keep you in it.

Sure hope I’m wrong, but write me down for Packers 31, Broncos 14. - Joe Rowles

Packers 17, Broncos 14

This will be yet another snorefest which will see two good defenses going up against two okay offenses. The Broncos are getting close to putting together a a solid game on all sides of the ball but this one is in Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers is still a talented dude. Broncos make it close, but Packers pull off a close one. - Kevin Gillikin

Packers 27, Broncos 9

I’m starting the Packers defense in fantasy. - Scotty Payne

Broncos 27, Packers 24

I think Denver shocks the world and knocks off Green Bay in Lambeau for the first time ever, and begins to finally realize some of their potential. - Jeff Essary

Broncos Win

I hate score predictions. And I hate giving a prediction against the Broncos - even when the odds are not “ever in our favor.” Bad karma and all that. But I’m going to Lambeau, and I don’t plan on being let down with a game like Adam is predicting. I’m taking my big-ass orange foam hat from Draft swag and will put anyone wearing a foam cheesehead to shame. I’m with Vic Fangio on this: “On a Friday afternoon, I’m thinking winning.” - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Packers 31, Broncos 17

The Denver Broncos have never won a game at Lambeau Field, and unfortunately, this probably isn’t the team to do it. I tried so hard to convince myself that the Broncos could win, but there are just too many variables that point towards an 0-3 start. As I mentioned to Ian St. Clair on the MHR Radio Podcast, the offense doesn’t have the fire power, and the defense looks lost. It won’t be pretty, and it won’t be fun. Packers win 31-17. - Adam Malnati

Broncos 18, Packers 15

Conventional wisdom says go with the Packers. As Adam said, the Broncos have never won in Green Bay. Heck, they’ve never won in Wisconsin. Earlier this week on the MHR Radio Podcast, I even predicted a Packers win. But after a few days, I have a feeling Denver uses what happened against the Bears as motivation, plays a complete game, and the Broncos win on Sunday. Of course, this could also be the huge tub of popcorn that I just ate while watching “Downton Abbey” the movie creating this “feeling. - Ian St. Clair

Give us your score predictions in the comments section below.