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Adam Gotsis: “Gotta keep plugging through tough times”

Gotsis talks about the defense’s lack of pressure and sacks so far this season.

All of Denver’s defenders are probably getting tired of being asked about not having any sacks through three games this season. Heck, Von Miller seems so tired of it, he didn’t even take questions today at his press conference.

Adam Gotsis joined Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright on Broncos Country Tonight on KOA Radio and was asked about his take on the lack of sacks from Denver’s defense. Gotsis didn’t shy away from taking responsibility he said “our guys gotta play better. Our coverage needs to be tighter, our rush needs to be tighter, we need to close in on the quarterback more and not let him get it out.”

He acknowledged that it’s been tough for these last three games, but that they are focused improving and just continuing to work at it, and eventually something will break.

“It’s been tough getting there but we’re going to keep working it and doing what we do. You can’t ask Von Miller who has 100 sacks, because of these three games now change who you are, you know what I mean? You just gotta keep plugging through the tough times. There are going to be games throughout the season where teams will be held with zero sacks, it just sucks that we’ve had three in a row. We’re trying to get after him, trying to get shots on him. It’s not like we’re just sitting there and letting him throw it. We’re hoping we can get after them this week a bit.”

Gotsis comment about Von Miller not needing to change who he is or what he does just because of a few games echoes something Vic Fangio said after the Packers game:

Any time you’ve been in this league 30-something years, it’s not all a bed of roses. You just fight through it. The easiest thing to do is to just make wholesale changes, whether it’d be personnel, scheme, this, that or the other thing. There’s the old saying, keep doing the same thing and expect different results, that’s not very smart. But it’s also saying too, change for just change’s sake isn’t very smart either. We’ve got to operate that fine line as a staff and realize what we’re doing. Are the mistakes we’re making correctable? And then make a good and intelligent decision.”

I know the immediate reaction for us as fans is to start shaking things up after a few games go awry, but I think there’s wisdom in Fangio and Gotsis’ comments. You obviously learn from what’s going wrong and work to correct them so you can improve, but you also have to trust your process a bit and continue to grind, if you believe in what you’re doing.

Hopefully this week, the damn will break loose, and Broncos Country along with all the players and coaches can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Side note: I love listening to Dalton Risner interviews. Denver found an absolute stud when drafting him this year. Already carries himself like a veteran, team player, always defers to the veteran guys on the team when asked to speak for the whole offensive line or offense. He gets it. It’s fun to watch and listen to.

Bonus Listen: Dalton Risner joined Broncos Country Tonight to give his thoughts on last week as well as the upcoming game against Jacksonville.