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Jaguars at Broncos score predictions: Denver has a winnable game here

We see a Denver Broncos win this week over the Jacksonville Jaguars, but who knows if we’ll see a complete game from them or not. It could be close.

The Denver Broncos are threatening to go 0-4 for just the fourth time in franchise history. Surprisingly, the team turned things around in two of the three teams in they had that rough start. They went 2-11-1 in 1964, 7-9 in 1994, and 6-10 in 1999. Hopefully, 2019 won’t be added to that list.

Fortunately, their home game this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars is totally a winnable game. Not all of us are feeling that here at Mile High Report, but enough of us do to collectively have the Broncos winning this game 19-16 over the Jaguars.

Here is how our score predictions worked out individually this week.

Broncos 23, Jaguars 16

The Broncos have a different kind of edge this week, especially on defense. They are facing a rookie quarterback and their veteran leaders are pissed off. Whether they turn things around long-term or not, I am definitely feeling like they’ll turn things around for this week and my score prediction might even be on the conservative side. But since that’s the score I gave on the Something Something Broncos podcast on Friday, that’s the score I’m sticking with. - Tim Lynch

Jaguars 20, Broncos 16

Offensive take: Until DEN can prove they can score more than 16 points they will continue to struggle. O Line has more than there hands full facing a ferocious JAX DLine. Although CB J.Ramsay is unlikely to play, I’m guessing Scangarello will want to pass the ball more than 20 times. DEN is currently 14th in NFL for Run Yards (111.3 yards) and I doubt they’ll run it as much as they should. Play calling will continue to be an issue until there’s a featured RB (cough cough Freeman). Lindsay is your playmaker, don’t need him between the tackles. If Freeman gets the ball 20 times rushing he will break 100 yards. - Luke Patterson

Broncos 21, Jaguars 17

I like the Broncos 21-17. It’s going to be close, especially with all of the injury questions. What makes the difference is that I think Von Miller and Bradley Chubb can finally have a breakout performance. Fangio mixes in just enough deception to confound Minshew and he’ll suffer from a few rookie mistakes. - Joe Rowles

Broncos 24, Jaguars 17

I’m feeling more optimistic about this game than I probably should. I don’t think Gardner Minshew will find much success against a Broncos defense that seems to be angry (if you saw Von Miller’s press conference). I don’t have high hopes for Denver’s offense either, but I don’t think that will matter. As I predicted on the MHR Radio Podcast, I think the defenses will outscore the offenses, and the Broncos will squeeze out a win, 24-17. - Adam Malnati

Jaguars 23, Broncos 13

I started the Packers D last week in fantasy and if I had the Jaguars, I would do the same this week. - Scotty Payne

Broncos Win

I hate predictions. But I think the defense is mad enough and the offense is competent enough to pull out a win. It could be 7-3 or 38-35 and I wouldn’t care either way. JUST. WIN. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Broncos 17, Jaguars 10

The good thing for the Broncos is they’re playing at home. At this point, Denver could use some of that Mile High Magic. I’m in agreement with the others who said the players will respond, namely Von Miller. Hopefully he’s pissed off and sets the tone for the Broncos. As I told Adam on the MHR Radio Podcast, Denver gets a defensive touchdown and finally gets a sack. - Ian St. Clair

Broncos 20, Jaguars 10

This week will tell us a lot about the rest of this year. Will we start 0-4 and start heading down the path of another wasted year, or will the team finally respond to adversity and do something they haven’t done in exactly 300 days, win a football game.

I think the players respond and come away with a victory. - Jeff Essary

Give us your score predictions in the comments section below.