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Jaguars at Broncos third quarter recap

The Denver Broncos choked in every way possible in the third quarter, blowing their lead over the Jacksonville Jaguars. They find themselves down 20-17 to start the fourth quarter.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars received the ball first to open up the second half.

From there, they attempted to get the running game going. Leonard Fournette was stuffed in the backfield, but the defense seemed to give up and he bounced back inside for a 13-yard gain. He backed that up with an eight yard gain and another five yard gain to push the Jaguars into Denver Broncos territory.

A short run and a holding penalty later, the Jaguars were in a second and 18 situation. Duke Dawson Jr. broke up the next pass to Dede Westbrook, but an illegal hands to the face penalty by Bradley Chubb gave the Jaguars a first down.

Gradner Minshew followed up a five yard gain by Fournette with a quick toss to Westbrook for another first down at the Broncos 39-yard line. After an incompletion deep, DeMarcus Walker got in on the sack party to take down Minshew at the Broncos 44-yard line.

Minshew somehow dodged another sack and bought enough time to find an open wide receiver for the first down in field goal range at the Broncos 25-yard line for their first third down conversion of the game.

Two runs by Fournette gained nine yards, where he was stuffed at the line for a short gain right at the sticks. They were short, but the Jaguars were committed to this drive in a do or die kind of way. Fournette was able to skirt past a defender to slide inside for the first down.

From the Broncos 13-yard line, the Jaguars kept things on the ground with Fournette, who gained a few yards on first down. He would carry again for another couple of yards on second down. On third and 5, Minshew some how escaped multiple sack attempts to find a wide open receiver in the end zone for the decisive touchdown.

Broncos 17, Broncos 13.

The Jaguars offense held the ball for the first 10:24 seconds of the third quarter.

Joe Flacco and the Broncos offense got the ball on their own 20 to start their next drive, but after a no gain on first down by Phillip Lindsay and a short pass over the top to Noah Fant setup a third and five. Flacco threw it away on third down for an untimely three and out.

The game appeared to be on the verge of turning in favor of the Jaguars when they took over at their own seven yard line. Fournette broke through the line, despite Von Miller being held, for an 81 yard gain.

Minshew sold the fake hard and found his tight end over the middle for the touchdown and the lead late in the third quarter.

Jaguars 20, Broncos 17.

The Broncos next drive ended the quarter near midfield with another punt. All momentum lost for Denver.