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A realist’s prediction of the Broncos 2019 season

I hope I’m wrong but the brutal schedule, new schemes and an underwhelming QB don’t bode well for a playoff appearance this season.

In our podcast, the Skipper Dude and I dive into predicting each game on the schedule, throw out six hot-takes regarding the Broncos upcoming season and take a brief look at how we expect the NFL season to pan out.

If you listen to the show - which you absolutely should - you will see that one of us has the Broncos reaching the playoffs and the other has them at a ceiling of 8-8. We would love to hear your arguments in the comment section and look forward to seeing what games you expect them to win and which (if any) you predict they will lose.

In the podcast we also have six somewhat crazy predictions for the 2019 season and if you want to hold us accountable by the end of the year, you better check it out and mark it down. Otherwise, we will just brag about what we got right and conveniently forget about what we didn’t, like 99% of the media.

One of the takes is that Royce Freeman will run for over 1,000 yards in 2019. Another is that one of the Defensive Linemen will make it to the Pro Bowl as a key cog in what should be a stellar group.

Who do we think will take a step towards stardom and what are the other four crazy predictions? Listen to the show and find out.

Do it.


What’s the toughest game on the schedule?

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    @ Green Bay
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    @ Kansas City
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    @ Minnesota
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    @ L.A Chargers
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