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Where do the Broncos go from here?

They keep grinding. That’s what they do. This Denver Broncos teams isn’t as bad as the two previous seasons, but they aren’t over the hump just yet.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, 0-4 sure does suck. I still think these Denver Broncos are better as a team and better coached than the two previous seasons, but that’s the kind of silver lining no one really wants to hear at this point.

Head Coach Vic Fangio called it ‘trudging forward’, but I think I like grinding it out a little better. He plans to stay positive. It’s the players he is more worried about now that the team will be winless entering October.

“It’s not,” Fangio said of staying positive. “It’s more—I’m sure it’s harder for the players to believe in it because this is a bottom-line business and our bottom line isn’t’ very good right now. We’re going to keep trudging forward. We’re going to keep coaching these guys, trying to correct our mistakes, try and get better and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Those words ring a bit hollow after watching a defense display such poor fundamentals tackling as the Jacksonville Jaguars racked up 269 yards rushing to steamroll the defense in the second half.

It will get exponentially harder for Fangio to maintain a hold on the locker room and to keep the faith of the team that he can turn things around to win some football games.

“I still believe in them,” Fangio said of his message to the team. “I think they’re winners as individuals. We have to find a way to be winners as a team and we’re not playing well enough consistently enough to do that, but I do believe in these guys.”

So where do the Broncos go from here? I believe they have to keep grinding it out. I still have faith in this team, but I won’t lie, it’s getting hard to stay positive.

What do you think they should do to turn things around heading into October?