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It might be time for Broncos ‘fire sale’

At 0-4, the Denver Broncos should come to terms with their situation and start building for the future. And that means getting some value now from a few key veterans.

Denver Broncos v Green Bay Packers Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Sitting at 0-4, the 2019 season for the Denver Broncos is essentially over. While there is still a chance to turn things around, it doesn’t feel like that is in the cards for this year.

The mood in the locker room was reportedly not a good one either.

Mark Kiszla of The Denver Post caught a disappointing comment from Chris Harris Jr. as he left the locker room, which kind of sums up where the team is at heading into October.

“I ain’t saying nothing. Thirteen more weeks for me,” cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said, as he walked toward the locker room exit after another heartbreaking defeat for a proud franchise that has forgotten how to win.

Kiszla then went on to foolishly demand everyone be fired as if that strategy worked out well for teams like the Oakland Raiders over the last two decades.

The more important takeaway here is that maybe its time for Denver to consider going on a fire sale and fully commit to a rebuild process that has already been well underway since the 2018 NFL Draft.

As much as I personally love Chris Harris Jr. and how much he has meant to this franchise, he would top the list of players in that fire sale. He, along with Emmanuel Sanders, are prime candidates for a trade before the October 29, 2019 trade deadline.

I suppose Von Miller could be added to that mix, but I feel like Von has too many prime years left at this point in his career. He could still be playing at an elite level by the time the Broncos emerge from this rebuilding process - if they ever emerge given John Elway’s spotty track record in the draft and free agency.

There is a slippery slope with a fire sale too. You go too far, you’ll be rebuilding for a decade.


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