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John Elway likes the leadership Joe Flacco brings

Will that leadership translate into points and wins? Broncos Country will find out soon.

The Denver Broncos president and GM John Elway joined the Big Al and JoJo show on 850 KOA. It was a busy day in Broncos Country, and it’s Raider Week, so there were a lot of topics on the docket.

The naming rights for the stadium were finalized, which gets that out of the way for Denver. Now the team can focus on the start of the regular season (as if they weren’t already). One thing we will all be paying attention to is Joe Flacco’s impact on the offense.

Flacco will bring veteran leadership, and experience that comes with being a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Experience and leadership are two things that were severely lacking with the departure of Peyton Manning. Elway has been searching for this combination while trying to find the Broncos QB of the future.

For Denver, the most important thing Flacco can do is score points and win games. It is the simplest idea, but perhaps the hardest mission to accomplish in the NFL. As the Broncos near the start of the season, the offense is still a big unknown.

As Elway mentioned in the interview, we didn’t see much of Flacco in the preseason. When he was in the game, the offense moved the ball well, but they failed to finish drives. Will that translate to points once Monday night arrives? I guess we will all find out together.