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Welcome to the 2019 regular season, Broncos Country!

After a preseason that seemingly would never end, the regular season is finally upon us. Here is how Mile High Report plans to cover the Denver Broncos in 2019.

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Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Welcome to the 2019 regular season!

The Denver Broncos open the season up against the despised Oakland Raiders, but before we get to that day, I wanted to let the fans of Mile High Report and the SB Nation platform know what we have planned for the season. In years’ past we would just roll out our schedule internally and attack each week like we do every year, but we have a lot more going on now and if you hit this site every day it might be useful to know when things are coming.

Weekly Coverage

Our game weeks will start each day with Horse Tracks at around 4:30 a.m. Mile High time. And yes, we still call it Horse Tracks, but it now gets filed into our Broncos News section. We will also be grinding out film reviews, opinion, and a slew of other posts many of you will recognize if you had been around for previous seasons.

As usual, our game day coverage will be crazy. Immediately after the game concludes, we will have our normal three posts drop - a recap, instant reactions, winners and losers. The following morning will include a recap with player and coach quotes as well as game balls or highlights/lowlights.

All of the daily/weekly posts we provided last year will still be on the ticket again this year. But it’s the new stuff that is exciting.

New Stuff

We’re bringing the podcasts big time this season. We have four shows and will post a new podcast every single weekday morning at 4 a.m Mile High time.

Podcast Lineup

Monday: MHR Radio with Ian St. Clair and Adam Malnati

Tuesday: Broncos on the Rox with Luke Patterson

Wednesday: MHR Radio with Ian St. Clair and Adam Malnati

Thursday: Something Something Broncos with Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann, Tim Lynch, and Jess Place

Friday: Broncos & Bratwurst with Kevin Gillikin

You can subscribe to our podcast feed on ApplePodcasts, GooglePlay, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and anywhere else you get your podcasts.

MHR Live

Another big new thing will be bringing back MHR Live for a weekly show - maybe more if we start getting more comfortable with it. Joe Rowles and I will be teaming up for a live show after each game plus every Wednesday night to take an early look at the next opponent.

Post-Game: Going live as soon as possible after the game concludes. Not doing it in Week 1... I can’t stay up that late - lol.

Wednesday: Going live that evening somewhere between 6-7 p.m. Mile High time.

You can catch our new show on the Twitch app. Be sure to give us a follow there and tune in on Tuesday nights!

Partnership with Broncos Country Tonight

We have teamed up with Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright to cover their Broncos Country Tonight segments each weeknight. It will be similar to how we covered Ryan’s show when he had Andrew Mason and Steve Atwater with him. And you will continue to hear one of our staffers on the show every Friday.

MHR and SB Nation Commerce

Now and then you may also notice a post that brings attention to our new MHR Broncos Store. I know some probably don’t care for those kinds of posts, but just know that we appreciate the support and I’ll do my best to keep those posts tasteful and infrequent.

We’re a free site and platform, so every little bit helps. Keep us in mind when your Broncomaniac niece or nephew wants a new hat for his/her birthday!

For the Fans!

We hope to make FanPosts more of a thing this season. It is hard to catch any front page-worthy posst that come along, so don’t hesitate to drop a link to the FanPost as a comment in one of the front-page posts and recommend it for review.

Some of you older members may remember I got my start in blogging Broncos by writing Fanposts (called Diaries back then). Writing is often a passion, and highlighting FanPosts to the front page or in our From the FanPosts section is something we need to do a better job of at MHR, so please help direct us to the posts!

Finally, if you ever have a concern or suggestion please reach out to us directly. You can find my email address or Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann’s email address on our author profile pages. My only request is that you do a better job than this Oakland Raiders fan who emailed me a few days ago:

Go Broncos!