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Here is my ultimate DFS fantasy lineup for Week 1

A lineup that could win you millions.. or several dollars if you prefer the ‘penny slots’ of Daily Fantasy Football play.

NFL: Preseason-San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Week one picks are really hard. Whether it be fantasy, pick em or betting the spread, the only info we have is old. It’s all either from 2018 or it’s straight conjecture. The preseason means nothing now that Sean McVay has ruined it and we are left with more questions than we have answers.

The good news is, the rest of the world has the same problem. Even better news is that we can dive our way into the muck and come out the other side with more information than everyone else. With a little luck, we just might win something.

Without further ado, here is my Fantasy Lineup for Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season:

* This lineup is taken from, but other sites should have similar rankings

QB - Lamar Jackson

The thoughts of, “dude throws like Tim Tebow” and “I’m never coming to MHR again” might be crossing your mind right now but hear me out.

The guy is playing this week against Miami. The Dolphins are openly tanking, they’re predicted to have a bottom three defense, they have a first year coaching staff and they’ve traded away most of their talent on the side of the ball that will try to stop Baltimore from scoring - see first point. This whole scenario bodes well for the boys in the black and purple.

So maybe the Ravens come out pounding the ball with the ground game as many teams do to start the season. If that’s the case, you can still bet on 50+ rush yards from Jackson and, against a putrid D he should score a TD or two either running or passing. We will just have to trust Harbaugh when he claims that he will give Jackson 30+ pass attempts per game.

In the end, he is cheap as the 12th costliest QB, he is playing a terrible opponent and IMO he is going to take a big step forward as a passer this season.

RB - Dalvin Cook

Oh mama mia do I love me some Dalvin Cook. This guy is going to feast in the Kubiak blocking scheme and if the offensive line can be anything near average, he should be a top 5 RB in 2019.

I think Cousins has a bounce-back year and that will be a boon for this gourmet runner. (How many cooking puns can I fit in this summary) There is talent all around him on the offense and, oh by the way, he’s facing the 32nd ranked run defense of Atlanta.

He’s also affordable at the 14th position down your RB list and averaged something like 40 yards per attempt in the Preseason. Winning.

RB - Kerryon Johnson

Zeke Elliot at the moment costs $3,400 more than Johnson on DraftKings. We have no idea if he is in football shape, he just got back from Cabo and he will have a grand total of 3 practices with his team in 2019. In other words, some guys are overpriced.

Johnson is not one of those guys. In 12 games last season, this Detroit RB averaged 5.5 YPC and was in general a stud muffin. He’s in a new offense led by Darrell Bevel, the OC who saw lots of success during his time with the Seattle Seahawks in the Beastmode era. That’s good news for Kerryon my wayward son Johnson. It’s also good news for you, my fantasy friends. KJ is running against the 27th ranked run defense in Arizona led by someone we all know and love….Vance Joseph.

WR - Emmanuel Sanders

Sure, call me a homer but this isn’t just a website friendly pick. #10 has somehow gotten back to health from a brutal achilles injury in a way where he looks better than he did before he got hurt. The dude looks quick and smooth and we can be sure that he will be out to get some - also, he’s clearly superhuman.

Joe Flacco seemed to immediately comprehend the WR pecking order in Denver and the very day Sanders stepped on the practice field, he became the top target for our very tall QB.

He’s nearly $3,000 cheaper than the top WRs, he’s ranked below guys like DJ Moore and Jarvis Landry and one thing is sure, he don’t get no respect.

WR - Dede Westbrook

I’m not buying the Nick Foles for MVP chatter but considering that he is replacing the pigskin slinging failure that is Blake Bortles, it’s only onward and upward for the Jaguars skill players. Westbrook flashed in 2018 with above mentioned garbage and has already shown to have a good connection with his new QB.

He’s also facing the 26th ranked passing defense in Kansas City and costs less than Larry Fitzgeriatrics.

WR - Mike Evans

I’m not sure I need to explain this one. He’s a top 5 WR, he plays in a pass-heavy offense, this week he faces a “meh” pass defense against San Francisco and Famous Jameis is going to have a big year - IMO.

TE - Darren Waller

Okay, so he plays for Oakland and against Denver...this may lose me all the goodwill I earned with the Sanders selection but it’s a solid pick. He’s a freakish athlete, he’s the great-grandson of Jazz legend, Fats Waller - thanks Wikipedia - he spent part of his childhood in Colorado and he’s going up against a team that has been legendarily bad at defending Tight Ends - and no, I don’t think another year of Todd Davis will magically fix that issue.

Waller is a bit of a risk but he has a good matchup and at his price he could win you some big pots with a good performance.

FLEX - James Conner

Another guy who doesn’t need much of an introduction. A top-10 pick in most yearly fantasy leagues, Conner is going to be the bell-cow back for the Steelers. He will catch balls out of the backfield, plays for a really good offense and is lining up against a slightly overrated Patriot’s defense.

He’s not cheap but he should be worth the price.

DEF - Baltimore Ravens

I’m all-in on the Ravens this week in their game against the Dolphins. They’re a really good team against a terrible one in Florida. Baltimore has one of the best coaches in the game, the claim the top-rated defense in football and are playing against Ryan Fitzpick6. They are the most expensive defense but they should be worth every penny.

That’s all folks. If you win some cash be sure to remember who your friends are.


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