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Report: Raiders planning to suspend Antonio Brown

Ahead of their Week 1 Monday Night Football match with the Denver Broncos, the Oakland Raiders have apparently had enough of Antonio Brown.

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

UPDATE: Antonio Brown is playing on MNF. The Raiders have caved, basically admitting they suck without him.

The soap opera that is the Oakland Raiders continues and this time is directly benefits the Denver Broncos. After a heated argument between Antonio Brown and Raiders’ GM Mike Mayock on Wednesday, Adam Schefter is reporting that the team now plans to suspend Brown just days before their first regular season game.

From the helmet issues to lawsuits over unpaid catering, Brown has been in the news more than any other NFL team - much less any other player. The saga may be coming to an explosive ending as the Raiders might have an out that will save them millions in cap and dead money hits if they were to release him.

For Broncos Country, the news comes with mockery and hope that the blow to the offensive firepower for Oakland allows the team to go on the road in prime time and come away with an early divisional win.

What a train wreck the Raiders seem to be already and a real game hasn’t even yet been played. Post your mockery in the comments!