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Report: Raiders have released Antonio Brown

The Oakland Raiders have finally had enough of Antonio Brown. He has been released.

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

After an offseason filled with one drama after another, the Oakland Raiders have finally had enough of Antonio Brown and his antics. The latest was a YouTube video of Brown using a recorded private conversation with Head Coach Jon Gruden. That must have been the final straw.

Brown tried to fight Raiders’ GM Mike Mayock and called him derogatory names, but that wasn’t enough to release him. The Raiders tried hard to work things out and even worked up Brown to make an ‘emotional apology’ to the team only to have him release that YouTube video shortly after.

As for their game with the Denver Broncos on Monday night, I would expect the other 52 guys on that Raiders’ roster to play like it was the Super Bowl. They will want to prove to everyone that they don’t need Antonio Brown. In my mind, this game just got a hell of a lot harder to win for Denver.

What do you think of all of this? We’re not even Raiders fans and we’re kind of glad it’s over too, but it was fun seeing Oakland squirm and try to make it all work. Hopefully they go 2-14 too, because that would make it even better.