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Pat Shurmur “very well liked” around the league

The new Broncos offensive coordinator comes with some good reviews from people around the league.

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Former ESPN reporter and current host of Broncos Connected, Bob Holtzman, joined Benjamin Allbright and Ryan Edwards on Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the Broncos recent hire of Pat Shurmur.

One of the first questions Holtzman was asked was the perception of Pat Shurmur around the league. “Very well liked,” Holtzman said of Shurmur. “His record as an offensive coordinator speaks for itself, you can say what you want about him as a head coach, but his track record of working with especially young quarterbacks over the years and what he’s done with some of me he’s the perfect fit for a guy like Drew Lock.”

Ryan Edwards made some great points that these were also things that were said about Rich Scangarello, and has a point that we at times talk ourselves into guys as fans or media.

However, Holtzman and Benjamin Allbright seemed more sold on Shurmur being a significant upgrade, and he does bring with him significantly more experience than Rich Scangarello had.

We can and will continue to discuss and debate this from multiple angles, but it is good to hear from those around the league that Shurmur is a well-respected guy and have positive reviews of him as a coach.

Check out the great discussion from the Broncos Country Tonight crew in the audio clip above or linked here.