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Debating why Von Miller should stay in Denver

Von being traded is not a suggestion but rather a question that needs to be asked this off-season. We debate it in full on the Broncos & Bratwurst Podcast.

In our latest podcast, the Skipper Dude and I debate one of the most important questions the Denver Broncos will have to answer in the 2020 season: Should Von Miller be part of the near future for this team or should John Elway cut bait and cash in on some draft picks acquired via trade?

We are both convinced that most MHR fans are in the “shut up and don’t you dare even mention it” mindset but, like it or not, it’s a topic that is worth discussing. Even all-time greats eventually get shipped off to other pastures - think Peyton Manning and DeMarcus Ware - and as we have seen countless times in pro sports, loyalty is hard to find when it comes time to pay big money.

In the podcast we dive into what loyalty means and if it is actually important when trying to achieve success in sports or if it is only something that we fans cling to since we often love players more than we love the team as a whole. (Arenado I love you and I’m determined to go on a one-year baseball strike if the Rockies trade you).

But aside from loyalty, there are real solid factors that can help determine whether it’s worth it to keep the 2015 Super Bowl MVP:

  • Is he worth the money?
  • Is he in the way of blooming young talent?
  • Is he a problem rather than solution in terms of lock room leadership?
  • Draft picks are nice
  • Should this now be Drew Lock’s team?
  • Does he even want to be in Denver?

In the podcast, we debate all of these points - and more - and end up both coming to the same conclusion. A conclusion that just might surprise you!

P.S. The Broncos & Bratwurst Podcast is taking a 1 month break since my first baby will be here any day and there are other big projects that will make things crazy. We will be back with our tails on fire, ready to discuss free agency, the draft - and whatever other coaches John Elway fires in the meantime - in the middle of February.


Should the Broncos trade Von Miller this offseason?

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