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Will the Broncos find what they need at the Senior Bowl?

BCT is in Mobile during the Senior Bowl, and evaluating players that the Broncos might be targeting.

With the Senior Bowl practices in full swing Ben and Ryan were joined by Steve Atwater to break down what they saw. While some guys wowed on day one, others stood out on day two. The key is positive movement throughout the week.

The Denver Broncos have several needs heading into free agency and the draft. The guys took some time to talk to several players, including Iowa DB Michael Ojemudia. This is an area of need for Denver, and so it’s no surprise that the Broncos might be paying close attention to a player like Ojemudia.

The interviews of the different players at the Senior Bowl is an interesting way to get to know some of the players. When asked about what scheme he might be more comfortable with Ojemudia said he liked both man coverage and zone coverage and then discussed the virtues of both. While that might not be the most enlightening answer, it is important to hear how these players conduct themselves in these situations.

One of the keys to being a rookie is learning the art of the interview. It is important to know what to say and how to say it. Running through all the interviews that the guys on BCT did on Wednesday, it is clear that this skill is necessary, and seen as a way to impress off the field.

Should the Broncos target Ojemudia in the draft? Perhaps. This week will be his chance to stand out to teams in the NFL, and possibly play his way onto the draft board of teams around the league.