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Who could the Broncos target from the Senior Bowl?

MHR’s Jeff Essary highlights some players he wouldn’t mind seeing the Broncos potentially take in the NFL Draft.

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When it comes to free agency and the NFL Draft, you can’t start dreaming soon enough.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati and I took some time to review the Senior Bowl with Jeff Essary. Jeff was in Mobile, Ala., to cover the event for the site and has a wealth of knowledge fans will want to hear.

We talked about his takeaways from the week but also who he thinks the Denver Broncos could potentially target. The caveat for this exercise is the players had to be in Mobile. Two of the guys Jeff mentioned were Javon Kinlaw, a defensive tackle from South Carolina, and Lloyd Cushenberry, a center from LSU.

I also got Jeff to tell us who he wants the Broncos to go after in free agency. As it stands now, Jeff doesn’t target any bottom-shelf guys. He wants John Elway and the franchise to target top-of-the-shelf players, and I’m in full agreement.

It’s a fun discussion Broncos Country will enjoy. Adam and I also discuss the death of NBA icon Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the seven lives tragically lost on Sunday. We review the Broncos making official the hiring of Mike Shula as the quarterbacks coach, Steve Atwater’s chances at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and preview the Super Bowl.

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