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Broncos 2019 Post-Mortem

It was a strange year that began with utter frustration and ended with unbounding hope. We break down what we think happened on the Mile High gridiron.

Since the season is officially over, the Skipper Dude and I decided to put 2019 to bed with full post-mortem for the Denver Broncos. It wasn’t a pretty year of football, but at least it ended on a high note and hope for the future.

The three questions that were asked by the Skipper dude (happy birthday btw) in our co-hosted podcast are:

1) How do you see the culture of the Denver Broncos organization having changed under Vic Fangio?

Though I’m not completely bullish on the new coach, I join the Skipper Dude in being optimistic about the locker room culture for the first time in several years. He seems to have a decent relationship with the players and in general the team believes in his concepts. There are definitely some down-sides to his rookie season at HC and we go into them in the podcast (linked above).

2) What are your thoughts on the development of Rich Scangarello, Drew Lock, Garrett Bolles and the offense?

Of course we are both optimistic about Drew Lock and we each think that Rich Scangarello actually wasn’t the reason for the bad play calling that we saw at times on offense. Our take on Bolles, however, has...changed and I highly recommend that you listen to the show to see where or not we want him to stay in 2020.

3) What were the major hits and misses for the defense?

This was the hardest to answer since the team had some great games and a few total duds. They led the league in Red Zone TD% but they also had a few head-scratching performances and were not anywhere near the dominant defense that we have seen in recent years. Of course, injuries were a big part of the problem and if they manage to bring back Simmons, have a successful draft and bring in at least one total stud, next season could see improvement on the squad as a whole. What position do we both feel absolutely necessary to being filled with a stud-muffin? Listen to the podcast to find out.

Happy New Year y’all! Pumped for what should be a killer offseason in Denver!


Who was more to blame for the offensive woes?

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    Rich Scangarello
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    Vic Fangio
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  • 72%
    Joe Flacco
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  • 10%
    John Elway
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    Other - in comments
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