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NFL playoffs off to a wild start on Wild Card Weekend

Even though the Broncos aren’t in the tournament, fans were credited to some exciting games.

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Wild Card Weekend is always one of the best weekends in sports.

That’s still the case even when the Denver Broncos aren’t in the AFC Playoffs. But that’s especially true when the four games are as good as they were on Saturday and Sunday.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati and I took the post-game recap and used it to discuss the start of the postseason. The biggest takeaway for me is Broncos Country won’t be split on who to root for. We can all root for the Houston Texans to beat the Kansas City Chiefs like normal people, thanks to the Tennessee Titans sending Tom Brady and the New England Patriots home.

Here’s hoping the Divisional round games are a great second act, though with how close and great this weekend’s games were, we’re probably due for blowouts.

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