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Do the Broncos need to make moves at running back?

BCT discusses what Denver should do at RB in the offseason

On Broncos Country Tonight on KOA Radio Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright discussed the potential moves the Denver Broncos could make with George Chahouri of PFF. Phillip Lindsay has been solid for the Broncos over the last two seasons, but it could be an area of need.

If we go into it with the premise that Royce Freeman has not taken a big enough step forward, and Devontae Booker won’t be back, where should Denver turn to find the compliment to Lindsay? Should the Broncos look to draft a running back or go through free agency?

A name that Chahrouri brought up was Austin Ekeler. He would help in the run game and the passing game. Bringing in a veteran running back also ensures experience in the league that helps a young running back group. Grabbing a bargain veteran also makes sense in saving cap space, and using draft picks for areas of need that will help the running attack, like offensive line.

Chahrouri also brought up Raheem Mostert as an example of the type of talent that is available in the NFL at RB that can have an immediate impact. Mostert was never a top tier RB, but has been stellar for the 49ers.

It may not be the most pressing need in Denver, it’s clear that the Broncos could move toward adding a RB in free agency.