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Broncos at Jets score predictions: Who wins the first ‘Trevor Bowl’ of 2020?

The winner hurts their Trevor Lawrence chances, the loser keeps the inside track to the number one overall pick in 2021. Here are our score predictions.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Tired of hearing about Trevor Lawrence? Then you should hope for a Denver Broncos win tonight. They take on the equally winless New York Jets and the loser will keep the Tank4Trev hashtag alive heading into Week 5.

Collectively, we’re predicting a snooze of a game where the final score ends up a 17-15 loss for the Broncos. That score would keep Adam Gase’s job for another week and send Denver into the weekly Trevor Lawrence discussion as they head into a brutal 8-game stretch.

Here is how each of us broke out the final score prediction for this Broncos-Jets game on Thursday Night Football.

Jets 21, Broncos 16

From super hyped for the 2020 Broncos to hopping onto the Tank4Trev train in just three short weeks. That’s how bad the injuries have been. I like Drew Lock, but he’s not the generational talent that Trevor Lawrence is. If the team loses to the hapless Jets then the tank is full speed ahead! I’ll take defeatism for a season if it means the Broncos are competing for championships with Patrick Mahomes for the next 15 years. - Tim Lynch

Broncos 13, Jets 9

Noah Fant manages to get 75ish yards and the TD. Jerry Jeudy goes for another 60 yards, and Hamler for 50 or so. Both teams bog down horribly in the red zone & on 3rd downs- the Jets for want of weapons and the Broncos for want of chemistry. At the end of a grindy snoozer, Adam Gase gets fired for losing to the bedraggled zombie of the team that made him a head coach candidate in the first place. - Taylor Kothe

Broncos 37, Jets 34

The Broncos and Jets are so bad that the NFL relegated them to Thursday night this week. That being said, Thursday night games are often sloppy, and filled with points. And when two terrible teams get together for a battle of the bads, it seems to result in a bit of a barn burner. I’m not sure Denver is as bad as New York, but it’s close. I expect we will see a ton of turnovers, some big mistakes leading to huge offensive plays, and we will be entertained. Is that not why we are here? - Adam Malnati

Jets 15, Broncos 9

As the saying goes, when you get two bad teams on the field, you get a good game. I don’t see that happening on Thursday. It’s hard to say the Broncos are “bad” when you see how much of their salary cap is injured or on injured reserve, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. At least we get this game out of the way and we can have our weekend. - Ian St. Clair

Jets 6, Broncos 3

Broncos will only muster a field goal, but the offensive line will allow 3 safeties. The tank is on! Aw shit, it’s funny because it’s true. - Jess Place

Give us your Broncos-Jets score predictions in the comments section below.