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6 winners, 2 losers, 1 both from the Broncos 37-28 win over the Jets

The Thursday night game wasn’t pretty, but all that matters is the Broncos got their first win of the season.

The Denver Broncos finally got that winning feeling.

Even if it comes against a terrible New York Jets team, a 37-28 Broncos win is a win is a win. And this point, that’s all that matters.

The Thursday night game definitely resembled a roller coaster where you thought “here we go again,” but it was nice to finally see Denver finish a game on the positive side of things.

Regardless of what it means for the remainder of the season, at least the Broncos won’t start 0-4 for the second-straight season. And if you happened to bet on Denver for this game, you’re extra happy.

Per the usual, I’m bound to forget someone or leave them off, so please mention them in the comments.


Tim Patrick

Patrick had himself a game. The Denver receiver finished with a game-high 113 yards on six catches and one touchdown.

Melvin Gordon

Coming into this game, I said the Broncos had to run the ball. Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur listened. Gordon had 23 carries for 107 yards and two touchdowns. The second one ended the game. Gordon also had two catches for 11 yards.

Jerry Jeudy

The rookie receiver only had two catches, but one of them completely “mossed” Jets cornerback Pierre Desir. And since that reception was Jeudy’s first NFL touchdown, he goes on the list.

Bradley Chubb

That’s the Chubb we all know and love. The Denver edge had five tackles (three solo), two tackles for loss, and, more importantly, 2.5 sacks. Chubb also had five quarterback hits.

De’Vante Bausby

When the Broncos cornerback finally got his chance, he showed he should have been the No. 3 cornerback. To step up and play as Bausby did is a testament to him. Hopefully Vic Fangio and the defensive coaching staff keep Bausby on the field.

Brandon McManus

The Denver kicker was McMoney on Thursday. He’s on the list not just for going three-for-three on his field goals, and two from 50+ yards, but because of how crucial the kicks were. There are probably more players I could add, but it’s late and I don’t want to go too crazy.


Brett Rypien

You can’t throw throw three interceptions, one pick-six, and be on the winners list. However, you can’t make some of the throws Rypien made, lead the Broncos to a win and be on the losers list. Oh, and do all of that in your first NFL start. So, he’s a “both.” Rypien finished 19-of-31 passing for 242 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions. He also laid the key block on the Gordon touchdown that sealed the win.

As Fangio said about Rypien’s game: “It was up and down. But throwing three interceptions, you’re not gonna win a lot in this league. But we found a way to win in spite of that.”


No one from the Broncos

You get your first win, and with all the injuries, the Denver players get a reprieve this week. I don’t care that it came against the horrible Jets. Enjoy the win, enjoy the “mini” bye, and let’s see what the Broncos look like against the New England Patriots.

Gregg Williams

The fact he still has a job in this league is shocking. Kudos to Steve Smith for calling out Williams’ BS on NFL Network. As Smith said: “If it smells like a pig, it looks like a pig and it’s oinking? Then guess what, my friend, it’s a pig. Gregg Williams is about that BS.”

Adam Gase

Gase doesn’t get a pass in this, either. He’s Williams’ boss. As the head coach of an NFL franchise, what happened at the end of that game is a disgrace.