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Fan confidence receives boost after Broncos first win of season

Sure it was against the New York Jets, but the Denver Broncos getting that first win is huge for the team moving forward.

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Confidence in the Denver Broncos spiked upwards in our latest SB Nation Reacts survey of fans. Not quite 60%, but to get such a boost back over the 50% mark after the teams win over the New York Jets last week is nice to see.

I think we all understand the position this team is in concerning injuries and other setbacks. To be down to their third string quarterback and a plethora of starters out multiple weeks and still come out with a 37-28 road win - even against a team like the Jets - is huge for the team moving forward.

They take on another road contest against the New England Patriots this week. The Patriots are down Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore to COVID-19 and the game even pushed back to Monday afternoon due to that outbreak. If Denver can come in and take another win this week, they could put themselves in position to get things turned around during the middle part of their rather rough schedule.

How are you feeling about the Broncos right now and where do you think they are headed in the intermediate (next 5-6 games) term?

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