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Return of Drew Lock would make Broncos-Patriots delay worth it

Lock getting back on the field against the Patriots would be one of the positives in the game getting delayed.

So it appears the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots are finally set to play on Sunday.


The third time’s a charm?

After all, it is 2020.

For fans and those who bet on the Broncos, it’s already been a wild ride.

So for the second time on the MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati and I previewed the Broncos and Patriots. Only this week, we are a little more optimistic about the Broncos’ chances.

Since it’s been 84 years since Denver beat the New York Jets 37-28, and it had its “bye” in Week 5, the team should get some players back who were injured. Namely quarterback Drew Lock.

This would be the first opportunity for Lock in his young NFL career to face Bill Belichick and his defense. I’m curious to see how Lock looks. What will help is, hopefully, getting some of his offensive weapons back — Phillip Lindsay, KJ Hamler and Noah Fant. We’ll see about the latter two.

At the very least, we’re finally set to see the Broncos and Patriots.


As Lonestar said in “Spaceballs,” “So, at last, we meet for the first time for the last time.”