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The scenario might be perfect for a Broncos win against the Patriots

A lot of factors at play here, but this could be their best chance.

With all that’s been happening in Broncos Country, Ryan and Ben went fishing for some information from Paul Klee about the issues facing Denver.

The disappointment about Melvin Gordon’s DUI is still fresh, but Klee made an interesting observation. The Broncos have spent less on their offense than any other team in the NFL.

So anyone thinking John Elway is going to dig deep into the coffers and come up with some more cash for another offensive player, should think again.

Interestingly enough, this game could be a huge milestone for Vic Fangio. If the Broncos can somehow pull out a win, it could be the turnaround Denver needs to start making a push toward a winning season. It might also be the game that quiets the whispers about Fangio’s job by some in Broncos Country.

If there is a time to win in Foxboro, it’s now. No fans in the stadium, two weeks of preparation, and no Tom Brady? The scenario is about as perfect as it could get to steal a win, but it is still Bill Belichick. It’s still Gillette Stadium. Cam Newton is still pretty good. It’s still going to be a big ask.

If Denver can get out of New England with a win, that would signal a big turnaround for the season. If not, it’s just more of the same in Broncos Country.