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Graham Glasgow says Denver’s offensive line is looking to gel as the season goes on

Broncos right guard joined KOA’s Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the first four weeks of the season.

Graham Glasgow joined Benjamin Allbright and Ryan Edwards on Broncos Country Tonight last night to talk about the first four games of the season and how he’s hopeful the offensive line can continue to come together and gel over the next 12 games.

Glasgow brought up a point that Joe Rowles, Joe Mahoney, and I have talked about on Cover 2 Broncos recently how these first four games have almost been like preseason, with the limited work they were able to get in camp. Add in the fact that they’re working with a rookie center on the interior and have gone through three different QBs, and it’s not surprising the Oline has experienced some bumps early on in the year.

I said this on the podcast this last week as well - Denver has faced the perfect storm of defenses over the first four weeks to really take advantage of their lack of cohesion. All four of the teams Denver has played like to bring exotic pressure and lots of blitzes from all three levels of the defense. That would give Denver fits regardless, but add in that they had very limited prior work together, and it’s really easy to see how things could turn around and improve for this group.

During the interview, Glasgow expressed optimism that they would continue to grow and gel together over the course of the season - having Drew Lock back won’t hurt either. Check out the full interview above.