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Broncos rooting guide for Week 6

Here is your complete Denver Broncos fan rooting guide for Week 6 of the 2020 NFL season.

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Welcome to the first “rooting guide” of the 2020 regular season. I will go over each game in Week 6 and pick a team we should all be rooting for based on how it affects Denver in the most positive way.

The Denver Broncos play the New England Patriots in Week 6 and sitting at 1-3 no game is more important for them to win than this next one. That is if a game is even played, since the Patriots did cancel practice on Friday after another COVID-19 positive. We’ll pretend that the game is on. Here is your Week 6 rooting guide.

Broncos game

Teams that start 0-3 have a 2.5% chance of making the playoffs, so the possibilities of Denver turning things around enough to make a playoff run are slim to none at this point. The Broncos are now 1-3 after a win in Week 4, but according to BetMGM they are 10-point underdogs to the New England Patriots this week. If you think the Broncos can pull it off, here’s an awesome offer on this game. There is so much to be doubtful about with the Denver Broncos, but if they are to become one of those 2.5% of teams this and several of the next few games are must-win. Root for the Broncos.

AFC West games

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills: The answer is always the non-division rival unless there is playoff seeding involved. Root for the Bills.

Bye Weeks: Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers.

The rest

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans: The Broncos have already lost to the Tennessee Titans in Week 1, so it would benefit them the most for the Titans to keep winning to boost Denver’s strength of schedule numbers. Root for the Titans.

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers: Another team the Broncos have already lost to here in the Pittsburgh Steelers back in Week 2. The better the Steelers record the better the Broncos strength of schedule is. The caveat here is that we are rooting for Denver to get back into the playoff hunt. If you are in the #Tank4Trev group, then you’ll want to root for the opposite of what I am recommending this week. Root for the Steelers.

Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles: Denver plays neither team this year, but one is AFC and the other NFC. Therefore, always root for the NFC team over the AFC team when it comes to playoff seeding. Root for the Eagles.

Washington Football Team at New York Giants: Denver plays neither team this year and both are NFC team. Therefore, root for whoever you damn well please. Since, I want to keep the Broncos #Tank4Trev options open just in case, I’ll take the Giants here. Root for the Giants.

Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings: In Week 9, the Broncos will play the Atlanta Falcons. If Denver gets on a bit of a winning streak, then the better the strength of schedule the better it is for Denver. Root for the Falcons.

Detroit Lions at Jacksonville Jaguars: Another situation here where Denver doesn’t play either team, but one is NFC and the other AFC. Go NFC all the way. Root for the Lions.

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts: There are two lines of rooting for this game and they both align. One is for a playoff run for the Broncos, which means we’ll want the Colts to lose to keep them out of the Wild Card hunt and the other is for Trevor Lawrence and keeping the Bengals out of position to trade out of a potential Lawrence pick is good for Denver. Root for the Bengals.

Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers: The Broncos play the Panthers later this year, so it’s easy to root for the strength of schedule here. Root for the Panthers.

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins: The Broncos play both teams this year, but they have already beaten the Jets in Week 4. It would be best for Denver in strength of schedule terms for the Jets to win more games, but either way it’ll be a net break even for Denver. Root for the Jets.

Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tom Brady and the Bucs beat the Broncos in Week 3, so having them keep to their winning ways will only help Denver’s strength of schedule down the road. Root for FYTB.

Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers: If I were to pick a game that had zero relevance to Broncos fans it would be this one. Pick a team that has your fantasy football players on it. In my case, root for the Rams.

Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys: Here is another game with zero relevance to Denver. I’m going to go with the fantasy football tactic again here. Root for the Cowboys.