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Broncos at Patriots: Which team benefits most from the delay?

Broncos Country Tonight went “behind enemy lines” to get an answer from the Boston Globe’s Jim McBride.

By now it’s pretty clear that Cam Newton and Drew Lock will be back on the field.

When the original game gets postponed twice, that’ll happen. But it’s given Newton more time to deal with his positive COVID-19 test and Lock with his injured shoulder.

Can Lock’s return unlock a possible upset of the New England Patriots?

What will the return of Newton mean for the Patriots on Sunday against the visiting Denver Broncos?

For the second time, Broncos Country Tonight went “behind enemy lines” to get the perspective of the Patriots. This week, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright got it from Jim McBride with The Boston Globe.

To start the segment they discussed the latest shutdown of the Patriots’ facility, which happened on Friday.

“I don’t know if anything’s a shocker anymore this season,” McBride told the guys. “But (Friday) is a day we spoke to the assistant coaches earlier in the morning and the interviews went off without a hitch. It was shortly there after where the news leaked out that there was a positive test. So we weren’t able to talk to any coaches or players about what was going on in the building today. It was a kind of a surprise, we kind of thought that things were getting back to normal — as normal as normal can be in 2020. It kind of took us by surprise out here. (Saturday) morning is the big morning. If there’s no positive tests, I think this game goes on.”

As for the game, who benefits most from the delay?

Keep in mind, not only will Newton return but so too will cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

“Obviously, I’m closer to the Patriots and I’ll have to go with them just for the fact that, arguably, the top player on both sides of the ball for the Patriots could have possibly missed that game,” McBride said. “I don’t want to say a silver lining out of this because I think that is making light of a pandemic and I would never want to do that. But if a team got benefited it was the Patriots.”


Which team benefits most from the delay?

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Bonus listen

Our Joe Rowles joined the guys to discuss his article about Lock, and whether the Broncos can beat New Enland.