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Broncos’ winning two in a row takes them out of the #1 overall pick conversation

Good, because I wasn’t looking forward to 12 weeks of talking about Trevor Lawrence possibilities.

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With the Denver Broncos improbable road win over the New England Patriots on Sunday, they effectively ended any Trevor Lawrence talk in Broncos Country for at least a while. While it was fun to point at 104.3 The Fan and their Freezing Cold Takes exposing, I am sure few of us who write for Mile High Report were thinking Denver would win on Sunday.

The game was in doubt this weekend with the news that both teams had new COVID-19 positives, so I chose not to gather up our score predictions for the week. In the end, that worked out because Denver’s defense dominated for most of the game and Brandon McManus kicked his way to a W.

That brings us to the now-weekly #1 overall pick odds for the 2021 NFL Draft. The Broncos have one of the worst odds now of teams being tracked, but they did knock the Patriots down into that list. I swear, if Bill Belichick ends up with Lawrence...

Odds for first overall pick in 2021 NFL Draft

So Good Morning, Broncos Country! Our team has almost won their way off this rather dubious list. If they can beat the Kansas City Chiefs next week then that’s when I’ll flip the excitement switch some.

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