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Should the Broncos make moves before the NFL Trade Deadline?

Mile High Report weighs in. Should the Broncos make moves before the NFL Trade Deadline?

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Is it time to punt on winning games this season?
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The last two years the Broncos have both of their star receivers, so we know Elway has no problem picking up the phone. Does it make sense for Denver to buy or sell at the trade deadline this year?

According to Football Outsiders Playoff Odds report, the 2-3 Broncos still have a 5.2% chance at the postseason. Across 30,000 the simulations, they never won a playoff game. 20.7% of the time they landed a top 5 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. In 300 simulations they bottomed out with the worst record in football.

Trevor Lawrence remains a possibility.

With everything still on the table, I decided to ask Mile High Report their thoughts on the trade deadline. Does it make sense to add talent?

Scotty Payne: Probably not. Mid-season additions don’t seem to always hit like people want them too and are often only done by contenders. Keep the assets we have to continue building the roster.

People think it’s Madden and we can just plug and play a guy despite free agents needing an entire off-season to learn the playbook, build chemistry with the team and so on. I’d be more open to if the Broncos were 5-2 or whatever, but nah.

Michael Sadarine: Absolutely not. This season is an odd contraption. Teams got very little actual training camp, no preseason, and are starting to lose time week to week due to Covid-19 issues. If we had a superb record, absolutely. But we’re 2-4. Roll with what you have and see how things play out. There aren’t going to be any serious upgrades in free agency that will want to come to Denver anyway. They will look for more promising pastures.

Last week the Broncos still had a tiny chance at the Superbowl, but losing to the Chiefs obviously hurts. They now make the playoffs in 99.5% of the simulations which really puts a squeeze on a miracle playoff run. Does it make sense to try and acquire picks?

Joe Mahoney: Tim Patrick might draw interest. Bouye might as well. Bolles could bring loads of interest from a contender. Shelby Harris could also draw plenty of interest. Harris, Bolles and Patrick are all free agents next season, with Patrick being a restricted free agent.

Scotty: What pieces do they have to sell that’s worth a damn?

Adam Malnati: This right here ^.

Joe M: Shelby Harris, Justin Simmons, Garret Bolles, Tim Patrick.

Adam: Could you imagine if they chose to trade them. They might lose the rest of their games.

Sadarine: Sell anything and everything that gets you future value. This season is sunk and the team has a bunch of players with value now that are on expiring contracts.

Jeff Essary: I wouldn’t trade anyone that has a chance of sticking around next year, Simmons and Bolles being the two big ones. They’re building blocks on a team that needs to retain young talent. Why start over searching for “potential” when you have two guys who should be brought back and paid?No offense to Tim Patrick, but he’s not netting anything in a trade. Shelby Harris would be the only piece I would consider, only because I don’t think he comes back next year anyway.

By the way, nothing has changed with this team since last week. Losing in terrible fashion to the Chiefs didn’t provide us with any new insight, just reinforced what we already knew. Which is - Tom McMahon shouldn’t have a job, Drew Lock is far from a sure thing and we’ll judge his body of work at the end of the season, and this team isn’t making the playoffs or beating the Chiefs any time soon.But those were all known quantities to 95% of Broncos Country prior to being embarrassed by the Chiefs. The Chiefs are just the ultimate mirror for this football team. They expose our worst flaws we hate about ourselves and pretend aren’t there and regularly show us how far we actually have to go.

I often wondered how the Patriots division foes just sucked year after year and never really challenged them, and I wonder if there’s something psychological debilitating about being in a division with clearly the best team in football and facing that massive mountain at the start of every season. Idk, maybe there’s something to it being hard to build a team in that shadow every year

Scotty: I’d trade Justin Simmons for a first rounder. Or anything close to the Jamal Adams value. He’s really the only one worth a damn really.


Should the Broncos make a move or two before the NFL Trade Deadline?

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