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Broncos fan confidence slipped after blowout loss to Chiefs

The Denver Broncos took one to the chin last week and fan confidence predictably slipped in our most recent SB Nation Reacts survey.

So much for that V-shaped recovery.

Broncos’ fan confidence in this week’s SB Nation Reacts survey slipped from 72% last week to 45% this week. Not as bad as I thought it would be considered the team got walloped at home 43-16 to the hated Kansas City Chiefs.

I think at this point, the Broncos are a .500 football team at best. In that best case scenario, this is how it would go down roughly.

That’s the best case scenario. Split the division with the Chargers and Raiders and steal one away from a team with a winning record in the Bills. Do I think they’ll get there? I don’t. The injuries are too much. The lack of an offseason are too much. Too many things need to go right and they likely won’t.

Here is what I think is a more likely scenario. There are other scenarios for worst case, but I’m not going to go into that.

  • Week 8: vs Los Angeles Chargers (win)
  • Week 9: at Atlanta Falcons (loss)
  • Week 10: at Las Vegas Raiders (loss)
  • Week 11: vs Miami Dolphins (win)
  • Week 12: vs New Orleans Saints (loss)
  • Week 13: at Kansas City Chiefs (loss)
  • Week 14: at Carolina Panthers (win)
  • Week 15: vs Buffalo Bills (loss)
  • Week 16: at Los Angeles Chargers (loss)
  • Week 17: vs Las Vegas Raiders (win)

That’s another 6-10 season, Broncos Country. The good news is we will hopefully get to see Drew Lock develop week to week. By season’s end, we should have a more definitive idea on what type of quarterback Lock will be at the NFL level.

What do you think? How many more wins are left on the Broncos schedule right now?