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Is the Chargers O-line headed for its worst-case scenario against the Broncos?

Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright went behind “enemy lines” to get the status of the Chargers offensive line.

The Los Angeles Chargers and injuries are as synonymous as peanut butter and jelly.

You cannot have one without the other.

Not that fans of the Denver Broncos needed another example, but they got it this week. As Daniel Popper, the Chargers beat writer at The Athletic said on Twitter on Friday, this is your worst-case scenario for the Chargers offensive line, from left to right:

Sam Tevi, Forrest Lamp, Dan Feeney, Scott Quessenberry, Tyree St. Louis.

Fittingly, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright had Popper on Friday’s Broncos Country Tonight. They discussed LA’s offensive line concerns for Sunday’s game and Justin Herbert succeeding so quickly in the NFL.

“That would be a third-string right tackle and a fourth-string right guard,” Popper told the guys. “I labeled it as the worst-case scenario. But with the Chargers, the worst-case scenario with injuries usually ends up becoming reality so that’s like sort of the expectation at this point. Hopefully, in the Chargers’ eyes, they would get Brian Bulaga back for the first time since Week 3. He was playing at a really high, consistent level — the level that he’s played at his entire career before he hurt his back in that Week 3 game at the Panthers. If they get him back, that would sort of solidify that right edge. If they have to go with Tyree St. Louis and Quessenberry, they’re going to have some major issues defending this Broncos front seven.”

Bonus listen

I joined the guys on Friday’s show to stress patience with Drew Lock and the Broncos, as well as how Denver wins on Sunday.