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Can the Broncos learn anything from the Patriots?

New England may be a tough out, but could offer a way to compete with the Chiefs.

The Denver Broncos are set to play the New England Patriots in Week 5. After beating the Jets, the Broncos appear to be a team that is figuring some things out.

However, the Patriots are not on the same level of the Jets. Bill Belichick continues to prove his abilities as a coach. As Ian and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast, it’s impossible to deny Belichick is a great defensive coach. Just look at what he has done against the Chiefs, and Patrick Mahomes.

They held the Chiefs to 26 points in their loss. It was the second fewest point total for Kansas City since Mahomes took over as the starter. The also held the Chiefs without a TD for only the third time during Mahomes tenure as the starter. The other two times? Yep. Belichick and the Patriots.

Why? What reason is there to essentially tout the greatness of Belichick, while also pointing out how good the Chiefs offense has been? Competition. If the Broncos are going to climb back onto the mountain, it will be teams like the Patriots and Chiefs that stand in their way.

Whatever the outcome of the Broncos game against the Patriots, the most important part of the game might be Vic Fangio’s meeting with Belichick after the game. Maybe he can get some tips on how to stop Andy Reid’s Chiefs. It looks like Belichick is the only one that knows how.


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