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Broncos fan confidence back on a downward trajectory

The Denver Broncos continue to disappoint as they are unable to overcome poor offensive play, injuries on defense, and special teams play.

From 63% confident last week to 38% this week. That’s how Denver Broncos fans are feeling heading into Week 10.

It’s not even about the wins and losses really. It’s about how the team played. Since Drew Lock has come back from injury, the offense has struggled to much of anything early in games. It’s as bad or worse than the Tim Tebow year. It’s disheartening to watch.

Sure, Lock led a furious second half comeback against the Los Angeles Chargers, but in a way that belied the real problem. The problem is the woeful inconsistency for the first two and a half quarters of games. I’m not sure we’re going to see that change any time soon.

They travel to Las Vegas this week, but lets face it, the Raiders are a far superior team to the Chargers or Atlanta Falcons right now. The Broncos have a beleaguered, injury-riddled defense and an offense that can’t seem to get out of its own way sometimes. I just don’t know how they can win this game.

That said, whenever I get downtrodden enough to only see defeats, this team finds a way to win. There are two things I want to see every year from my team. One is win the Super Bowl and if not be sure to beat the Raiders twice. Hopefully part one of that consolation prize comes on Sunday.