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McMahon, McManus working relationship showing signs of strain?

Is there discontent within the special teams?

When it’s bad, it’s all bad. Special teams is no exception.

Unfortunately, in 2020 special teams is just another glaring issue that the Denver Broncos will need to address if things will ever get on track. Thankfully, the least of the unit’s worries is kicker, Brandon McManus.

Someone needs to tell that to special teams coordinator Tom McMahon.

Last Sunday against the Falcons, fans were mystified as the Broncos called timeout early in the 1st quarter. Shots of the sideline showed McManus with his helmet on ready to kick, but the punting unit ultimately came onto the field and kicked it away. The Falcons would march the ball 85-yards and score a touchdown in the ensuing possession.

So what happened?

Remember, the Falcons play at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a dome free of wind, weather, or other environmental factors that interfere with kickers.

So what’s going on here? According to the kicker himself, McManus had faith in his ability to kick in that situation based off of the success he had during warmups. Was McMahon just not watching or did he see something different? They both can’t be right.

Someone here isn’t being totally forthcoming with the reality of that timeout with just over 7:00 to go in the 1st quarter. Does Broncos Country believe their Super Bowl winning kicker who just signed a 4-year $17.2 million contract or a special teams coordinator who has struggled mightily in just about all facets of his job all season long? McManus’ leg is just about the best thing that McMahon has going for him at the moment. It’s a tragedy that he doesn’t see that.