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The Broncos need to flip the script

George Chahrouri of PFF joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk about how the Broncos can improve

It’s all Drew Lock all the time here in Broncos Country. When you are unsure of the QB situation, it seems to be the only thing anyone can talk about. George Chahrouri of PFF joined Broncos Country Tonight, and the conversation centered around Lock, and what is going on with the 2nd year QB.

There’s no doubt, Lock has to prove himself over the course of the last 8 games. As Chahrouri points out, he struggles in a clean pocket. He has poor pocket awareness, and his footwork isn’t great.

Lock also needs to start passing rookies like Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert, because he has more experience.

But one thing that needs to change for Lock is how the Broncos start games. The Broncos started much better in 2019 under Rich Scangarello. The slow starts under Shurmur are a huge issue, and make it much more difficult throughout the game.

Interestingly, Chahrouri mentions that things were probably not as good as we all thought last year, and aren’t as bad as we all think it is this year.

Another aspect that people have been asking for is going up-tempo for Lock. He seems to be better in a faster paced offense. Chahrouri referenced what the Rams did under Sean McVay, going with quick tempo, running a play quickly after a first down. Going fast, short, simple passes.

There are a lot of ways the Broncos can work to put Lock in a position to succeed. The bottom line, though, is that he will have to take advantage of those situations moving forward.