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Broncos at Raiders third quarter recap

The Denver Broncos are down 20-6 heading into the fourth quarter as the Las Vegas Raiders took control of the game in the third.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders would get the ball to start the second half from their own 20 yard line after Henry Ruggs II returned the kickoff.

After a short run by Josh Jacobs to open up their first possession, Derek Carr would misfire on a slant in the middle of the field to bring up third down. Carr would find Nelson Ahgolor at the sticks for a first down to keep the drive going.

A false start penalty on the Raiders was basically negated by Josh Jacobs who broke several tackles on his way to a 13 yard run. On second and two, Jacobs would get the first down up the middle out to the 45 yard line.

The touchdown drops continued for the Raiders as Darren Waller was wide open deep who had Bryce Callahan very beat. Waller would have walked into the end zone if he hadn’t dropped the pass. Waller would redeem himself two plays later beating Duke Dawson for a 25-yard gain and a third down conversion.

Bradley Chubb shot through the line for a tackle for a loss to stop Jacobs for a five yard loss on first down.

Carr threw it out of bounds on second down. On third and 15, Carr could not find anyone beyond the sticks and dumped it off to Jacobs where he was stuffed for no gain to bring out the Raiders field goal unit.

Raiders 13, Broncos 6.

Melvin Gordon took the first hand off of the second half and was stood up in the backfield for a three yard loss. Drew Lock led KJ Hamler into a defender who was blown up for the incompletion on second and long. On third and 13, Lock missed Jerry Jeudy coming wide open on his route and scrambled to throw it in the dirt at Jeudy’s feet for a quick three and out. If Lock had anticipated Jeudy’s route, this would have been an easy completion with plenty of opportunity for yards after the catch for Jeudy.

Jerry Jeudy deserve a quarterback.

The Raiders would begin to put the game out of reach of the Broncos with their next drive. The ran over a tired Broncos defense who were coming off 30 seconds of rest from the offense’s three and out. With 112 yards to -3 advantage in yards in the third quarter, it’s no wonder this drive was going to end in a touchdown.

Raiders 20, Broncos 6.

On to the fourth quarter we go!