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4 winners, 11 losers in the Broncos embarrassing 37-12 loss to the Raiders

As others have pointed out, too bad that what happened on Sunday won’t stay in Las Vegas.

What is left to say about the Denver Broncos?

One step forward, 15 steps back.

The Broncos (3-6) were embarrassed and humiliated once again in their 37-12 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders (6-3). Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, too bad that what happened on Sunday won’t stay in Las Vegas.

Per the usual, I’m bound to forget someone, leave them off or put them in the wrong category, so please mention them in the comments.


Bryce Callahan

The Broncos cornerback played a great game, and he did his part to keep his team in the game. Callahan finished with a three tackles (three solo) and one pass defended.

Jerry Jeudy

At least Denver has the receiver position figured out. Jeudy is going to be a helluva player in the NFL. Imagine how good he’ll be when Courtland Sutton comes back and he has a competent quarterback throwing him the ball. Jeudy finished with just two catches for 43 yards, but, man, even his route running is high-level stuff.

KJ Hamler

Speaking of receivers, the other rookie is one tough mother-effer. I love the way he plays the game. Hamler had four receptions for 50 yards.

Brandon McManus

If not for the kicker, Denver would never score.


Drew Lock

The Broncos quarterback was downright putrid on Sunday. I get the whole patience thing, but you have to show improvement. Lock is not showing that in the least. In fact, he’s regressing. He has seven games to show he can play or Denver will be looking for another quarterback to add to the infamous carousel. Lock finished the game 23-for-47 passing for 257 yards one touchdown and four picks.

Broncos offensive line

Yikes. Lock was bad, but so too was Denver’s line. Lock was hit six times and sacked twice.

Pat Shurmur

No doubt the players have to execute on offense but the Broncos remain predictable on offense. And can someone explain to me how Phillip Lindsay finishes with four carries?

Vic Fangio

When you get your ass handed to you the way the Raiders did to Denver, you make the list.

Broncos rush defense

Las Vegas finished with 203 yards rushing. Enough said.

Broncos pass rush

Derek Carr was neither sacked nor hit in this game. Enough said.

Tom McMahon

At this point, he just needs to go away.

Broncos teams

When it comes to horrible “teams” play for the Broncos, lather. Rinse. Repeat.

John Elway

When you’re responsible for the product on the field, this falls on you. Zach Bye pointed it out on Twitter, but this is the fourth season Denver has started 3-6. If you get credit for the success, you get the blame for the failure.

Joe Ellis

See above. When there’s no one above you to hold you accountable, this is what happens. The lack of leadership at the top continues to resemble a ship with no captain or compass.

The Broncos

How did this become acceptable? As noted above, this is four years of this shit. And if you look at the schedule, it’s not about to get any better. Over the next three weeks, Denver’s opponents are a combined 21-6. Buckle up, Broncos Country, it’s about to get a lot worse. Yes, there are positives, as I said this morning. But with performances like this, it’s harder to excuse.