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Fan confidence reaching new lows as Broncos season goes awry

Denver Broncos fans are starting to realize that this team is going nowhere fast under the leadership of the coaching staff and quarterback Drew Lock.

Confidence from Denver Broncos fans peaked just a few weeks ago after a thrilling comeback win against the Los Angeles Chargers, but just two games later it reached all-time lows. That win on the game’s final play was an aberration as Drew Lock’s quarterback play began to be exposed by opposing defenses in back-to-back losses.

The high was 63% confident just three weeks ago and now we’re seeing just 20% still keeping the faith as the team heads into Sunday hosting the 6-3 Miami Dolphins.

I think a lot of that loss of confidence hasn’t come so much from the losses themselves, but the way they lost those last two games. The mounting evidence that Drew Lock has limited ability to read NFL defenses is causing offensive production to ground to a halt. Defenses are keying in on Lock’s tendencies and making it hard for the team to move the ball consistently.

If this continues, I would expect the team to find a reason to send Lock to the bench for an extended period of time. We could see Brett Rypien sooner rather than later.